Monday, June 29, 2009

Why "Flowers of Verity"?

Creating things is easy for me, coming up with a name is a whole different story.  I've struggled for a long time to come up with a name, but it's finally done!  So by now I'm sure you've gathered that the name is "Flowers of Verity," but I'd like to explain why I've chosen it.

I was talking with Britt's aunt who has done a lot of marketing work and she suggested using the name "Verity" because it's unusual and it's very meaningful.  So I was going over the name Verity in my mind and thinking about what it means - "truth."  So then I started thinking about how I began this whole creative venture as I sought to be a true Biblical woman.*  I was trying to provide fun clothes, dress up items, and other things for Charissa.  And it just kept going from there.  I am so glad that God blessed me with daughters because through them I have blossomed.  And that's where the "flowers" part of the name comes from.  I have seen so many fruits from the short time I've been sewing.  If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be sewing almost everyday and LOVING it, I wouldn't have believed you.  Actually if you'd told me 2 years ago I wouldn't have believed you.  But I'm so glad that this is where God has taken me.  

I hope you check back to see how things unfold!

*I am in no way, shape, or form saying that you have to sew or create to be a Biblical woman or a good wife and mother.  This is just where my journey led me.  

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