Monday, October 3, 2011

Supporting the Arts

Our girls are prolific artists. They create dozens of masterpieces every day. And each one is beautiful and unique. The problem is, they are starting to stack up. On my husband's desk, on my desk, on their desk, on the refrigerator ... And now they've taken to taping them up on the walls. So we have beautiful hangings all around 3 feet up the wall. The other day I decided that something had to be done. And that's when I made the Treece Art Gallery.

It's a little bit of wall that is right next to the girls' room. A perfect place for a gallery. Of course this never would have been possible without my Silhouette machine. Even with it, I spent a few hours peeling out all the little details and sticking them on the walls.

The girls were super excited to put their pictures up on the walls in little frames.

Now the rule is that you can fill all the frames, but once the frames are full you have to take down an old picture in order to put up a new picture. And this is the only place to put up pictures. So it solves the problem and they get to proudly display their art work in neat little frames. Can't beat that.

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