Monday, January 3, 2011

Sew Much Ado's Reusable Swiffer Cover Tutorial

I have long been a fan of the Swiffer WetJet - especially since I have wood floors throughout my entire house. It's light, it's easy to get in tough spots, and there's just enough spray to get those extra dirty spots where small people have left their mark. But I don't like the covers Swiffer makes because they aren't reusable. I tried just using a rag and sticking it on there with the existing velcro, but that led to less than desirable results. I really wanted to make a reusable cover, but I just never sat down to figure out how to do it.

Enter Sew Much Ado with her Reusable Swiffer Sweeper Cover Tutorial. Brilliant! It was so easy, a picture with every step, and I made 2 in about 20 minutes - using materials that I had on hand.

I did make a few *minor* changes:
  • She used an old chenille sock for the sweeper part, but I didn't have a sock to donate to this project, so I just used some terry cloth I had in my fabric stash. Worked just as well.
  • For the stretchy part on top, she used an old tshirt, but again I didn't have one I wanted to cut up so I used some knit from the stash. Note: if you use a 2-way stretch knit instead of a 4-way stretch, make sure the fabric stretches lengthwise so it gets around the sweeper.
  • MEASURE YOUR SWIFFER! Her measurements were not the same for my swiffer. It turned out ok, as my knit is really stretchy, but it would have been easier to add an extra 1/2 inch in length.
I didn't really change anything ... just fabric choices. Hope someone out there uses this tutorial!

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