Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fall Wardrobe 1 - McCall's M6154

I made the girls two of these dresses this week using McCall's M6154. Well, I feel like they may be more like tunics. They are so wide that they seem shorter. Either way, it'll be fine since I have a great love affair with leggings entrusting that the girls will be covered. (I feel like leggings are a bit more wearable for little girls than tights. They are a bit tougher so I don't have to worry about them crawling all over the place or being rough and tumbling at a park.)

ANYWAY - the pattern is super easy. I actually feel like the directions made it harder, so I ignored them and just made the dress on my own. Which really wasn't hard because there are all of four pieces (I didn't add pockets or bows or anything else). The only thing I had to alter was the yoke. I felt like it was just way too big. Looking at their pictures, I think that was the style they were going for, but I just didn't want the yoke going half way down their chest. I think I probably would have lengthened it a bit too so that I could get one year as a dress and the next year as a tunic.

This year as I work on the girls' wardrobe I'm trying to focus on serviceable items that Charissa can wear to school. We're not 100% sure she's going this fall, but if she is she'll need clothes that aren't super poofy and adorned with bows and bobbles. It's going to break her heart. I don't know what she'll do if she ever goes to a school with a uniform.

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