Monday, June 20, 2011

Fall Wardrobe 2 - Refashioned Sweater Dress

This was once a sweater that I wore all the time in high school in college. But, as I'm no longer the same size, and I very rarely ever wear sweaters anymore, I decided it was time for it to find a new life. I have to say, that this kind of refashion is one of the easiest to do. I simply laid one of Charissa's a-line dress on top of my sweater, and cut along the lines for the body keeping the shoulder seams and the neck. So then I lined up the sleeves, keeping the hem of the sleeves (one less thing to do!). Sorry, this probably doesn't make sense, but it was so easy. Because I kept the neckline, the bottom hemline, and the two sleeve hems, I only have three seems to sew. can't beat that! And CJ has a new dress!

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