Friday, July 24, 2009

15 Minutes to a New Paci-Clip

I've seen so many lovely paci-clips that people have made and I've really wanted to try my hand at it, but I could never find a clip that I liked.  I've heard that the best thing to use are those little clips from name tags that you get at office supply stores, but when was the last time I was in one of those?  But tonight while I was cleaning up the girls' bathroom I found Verity's extra paci-clip and thought "Hey - why don't I just use this?" And away I went.  So here's my tutorial for a new paci-clip.

  • Clip (either from old paci-clip or if you're able to find one)
  • about 12" of sturdy ribbon
  • 1 snap set
  • fray check
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

1.  I laid the old ribbon on top of the new ribbon to give myself a guide for how long it should be.  I actually made mine about an inch or so longer because Verity tends to crane her neck in crazy angles and lose the pacifier. 

2.  Use fray check on the ends to insure that your ribbon doesn't unravel.
3.  Fold one end into a triangle and stitch into place.  
4.  Pull the other end through the clip loop making sure that the front of your ribbon is on the same side as the front of the clip.  Sew the ribbon securely.
5.  Attach your snaps to the opposite end.  Make sure that you use fray check around the area where you place the snaps so they don't tear the ribbon over time. 
Now, that's where I thought I was done.  And then this happened :
I couldn't get the snap through the hole!  What an obvious blunder!  So I did what I had to do - I cut the pacifier to make the hole big enough. 
And now it works!  
So simple, but I really like it.  And it's way cuter than the old one.  

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