Monday, July 13, 2009

First Tutorial! Reusable Nursing Pads

My friend Julie sent me a link to make reusable nursing pads and I decided to make some for a few friends who are about to have babies.  I liked the general idea, but made a few changes.

- one flannel receiving blanket or just flannel material
- crafting felt
- CD

Step 1:  Trace a CD on your flannel and felt.  I used 2 layers of flannel with one layer of felt in the middle.  If you want a thicker pad you can add more flannel.  If you have a rotary cutter you can cut several layers at the same time.  
The first CD I grabbed just happened to be Monster Ballads.  Make of that what you will.
All my pieces cut out.

Step 2:  Sandwich the felt layer with a layer of felt on each side.  Use a zig-zag stitch and go all the way around your pads.  
Step 3 : Trim off the extra fabric around the edge of the pads.  Flannel tends to fray, but trimming off the edges will help lessen how much frays.  

And that's it!  Super easy, isn't it?  And one receiving blanket can make 6 sets (12 pads), so it's a great way to use some of those receiving blankets that we all have stacked up.  

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