Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quick & Cute Scarf

Some of you may have seen tutorials around the web to make freece scarves and, like me, thought "What a fun and easy idea. But .... I don't wear scarves." That's when you make your 9387th item of clothing for your little girl. So here are the changes that I made and how I made it.

  • 3 stripes of fleece (different colors make it more fun)
  • sewing machine or needle & thread
  • scissors or pinking shears

1. Cut 3 stripes of fleece into 30" x 3". {Keep in mind that I have a petite 2 year old.} Put them in whatever order you want and stack them on top of each other.
2. Sew a single seam down the middle of the strips of fleece. Make sure you reinforce the beginning and the ends of your seams.

This is what it will look like after you sew it.
3. Cut every one inch down each side of the scarf making sure that you don't go too far and snip your stitch. I used my pinking shears to make it look fancier.

I made one of these for Charissa and another for one of her closest friends. The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the pink fleece fuzzies off me.

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