Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Kind of Makes Me Want to Have a Dog ... But Just for One Day

One of my favorite clothing catalogs to receive is Chasing Fireflies. I love their style and their combination of classic styles with modern touches and colors. About half way through my last copy, I started laughing ... out loud. Look at these dogs!

I REALLY want the Princess Leia and Yoda costumes. Problem - I don't have a dog. Also, I don't have $36 tagged to spend on something completely ridiculous. But most importantly, I don't have a dog. I actually considered buying them for my brothers 2 dogs. I know - how insane! But they are just so funny! If I had a dog, I would definitely be one of those people that tried their patience by dressing them up in silly hats or costumes or the like.

Speaking of Chasing Fireflies, I saw this little number as well:

In the catalog, it's a full body shot with dark denim jeans and black flats. And I have two things I want to say about this outfit: 1) I love it and wish that I could find it in my size, and I would also get it for my girls, and 2) does anyone else think this is the outfit of a 30 year-old? I can totally see her getting out of her SUV with her two kids and taking them to dance or soccer.

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