Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Elegant February Wreath

One of my favorite websites is MADE. I feel like I want to do everything she does. Also - she has fabulous pictures and tutorials. So when I saw her tutorial for an Acorn Wreath I really wanted to try it, but I don't live in heavily acorn-ed area. And I always feel silly buying "nature" at the store. That's why I won't buy pine cones at Target even though I think they are ridiculously fun for the winter (plus they're like $8.50 a piece). But then I saw a tutorial on All Things Thrifty for a Lima Bean Wreath I jumped at it. Once painted you don't really notice the difference between the acorns and lima beans. For February I decided to paint it pink, but I love how this wreath can be repainted for different seasons.

I need to get a wider black ribbon to tie it with, but other than that I love it. This was a really easy project to do. It takes a while, and you have to have LOTS of glue sticks. The hardest part is getting all your lines to stay straight. So go get some lima beans and make a fun wreath!!

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