Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photo Collage

There was an empty space on my bedroom wall that I faced every time I sat in bed. I kept thinking "I really need to put something there" but I couldn't think of what the "it" would be. Well when we built bookshelves in our study I had dozens of displaced picture frames that needed a new home. That's when I thought of doing a photo collage on that wall. They were all different sizes, different styles, and made of different materials. Which can make for a funky and fun collage, if they are all the same color.

So I took all the backings and glass out, took them outside ...

... and spray painted all of them a dark brown.

Then I put the glass, pictures, and backings back on and had my husband hang them for me. Isn't he sweet? I taped all the pictures up like I wanted them to appear, but I'm not so good with the leveling and hammering of things. Thankfully for me I was blessed with a husband who is talented that way and doesn't mind helping me with my {thousands of} projects.

Didn't it turn out nice? I still need one more picture frame. I ended up having a lot of 5x7 and larger frames and I need a 4x6 for the picture I got from our photographer. All of these pictures were taken at different times by two of our sweet friends who run Poiema Photography. They take amazing pictures! Which makes my wall look even better. :)


  1. What a great idea to paint all the frames so they match - so much better than buying all new frames.

  2. very clever idea!! it looks great!