Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fluffy White Pillows

Outside it was all fluffy and white, so I decided to bring some of that inside by making some new pillows. I had read Make It & Love It's Re-Purposed Sweater Pillow Tutorial and picked up some sweaters at the Salvation Army. I got a barely off-white knit sweater that I used for this pillow below.
I cut the pillow into two rectangles and then sewed cotton backing on to insure that the fabric keeps its shape. By the way - for this project I used Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive and I'm totally sold! It made sewing the sweater to the cotton extremely easy because the knit didn't move or stretch. I used an 8 inch strip of red velvet and then used a gathered stitch straight down about 2 inches apart.

I then sewed the velvet directly onto the sweater using a regular seam. After that, I sewed all the sides shut except about a 3 inch space to reverse the pillow and stuff it. Love this pillow!

The next sweater I made into two pillows for my bedroom. I found an XL cashmere sweater with a ribbed, loose turtleneck at the Salvation Army for $3. Cashmere! Because it was an XL with the big loose neck I was able to easily make two pillows. I used the same method for these pillows that I did for the other one.

For these I used the ribbed neck as the center to give it a bit of character.

The cost to make all three of these pillows was about $9. And while they have their imperfections (I'm still learning how to sew with knits), I'm completely satisfied with them. And it was incredible cheap. Besides that, now I can cozy up to my luxurious cashmere pillows and not feel guilty about blowing the budget.

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